iupac2meme [options] <iupac_motifs>+


Convert an IUPAC motif into MEME motif format suitable for use with MEME Suite programs.


IUPAC Motifs

The program accepts 1 or more IUPAC motifs.

An IUPAC motif represents frequencies by using either an exact letter meaning that letter occurs in all sites, or ambiguous letters, representing an equal frequency of all the letters representing by that letter. This program additionally supports regular expression bracket expressions (character classes) where multiple letters can be grouped in one with the use of square brackets. Negated character classes are also supported and are by indicated using a caret ('^') immediately following the opening bracket.

A background frequency file modifies the assumption of equal probability of all alternative letters.

A probability matrix and optionally a log-odds matrix are output for each motif provided on the command line. The probability matrix is computed using pseudo-counts consisting of the background frequency (see -bg, below) multiplied by the total pseudocounts (see -pseudo, below). The log-odds matrix uses the background frequencies in the denominator and is log base 2.


DNA IUPAC motif:

protein IUPAC motif:



Option Parameter Description Default Behaviour
General Options
-dna  Use the DNA alphabet. Note that this is actually the default. The DNA alphabet is used.
-protein  Use the protein alphabet. The DNA alphabet is used.
-alphalphabet file Use the alphabet defined in the file. The DNA alphabet is used.
-numseqscount Assume frequences based on count sequence sites. The motif is created as if it was made from 20 sequence sites.
-nosort  Don't change the order of the motifs. Sort the motifs alphabetically
-named  The program will expect the name of each motif to follow the regular expression. The motifs will be named based on the regular expression used to create them.